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            1. About Us

              Outside the spherical bearing

              Linqing Jingliang Bearing Manufacturing Co., LTD.

              15 focus, only do the outer spherical bearing

              linqing Jinglaing bearing manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in shandong linqing city industrial park, is located in hebei, the border the jingjiu railway in the east, west beijing-guangzhou line, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Outer spherical bearing co., LTD. Is a professional production enterprises,the company technical force is abundant, starting from the initial raw materials control, build the whole industrial chain factory automation, well-equipped, detection means perfect, ... [MORE]

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              To ensure safe operation

              Contact us

              Add: Shandong linqing city smoke shop town industrial park

              Zip Code: 252600

              Tel: 0635-2108917

              Mob: 13706352620



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